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Why Celebrate Holi:

Holi festival is celebrated with the highest recognition among the Hindus. People uphold the brotherhood and at the same time embrace their friends and family members by eliminating the old rivalry from the acquaintances.

Why is the festival of Holi celebrated among people? There is a belief in some people that Prahlad has been born on this day and not the most born, he had burnt Holika,
Holika was his aunt but she wanted to run him. Because Prahlada was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Holi Greetings
Happy Holi 2020 Status

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Inspirational Holi Status in English

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 Happy Holi 2020:

This Holi I wish you emerge out as the brightest star of the family with all colors of the rainbow. Happy Holi dear, may you get all success in life.

Not every day is going to be equally cheerful and colorful so store the brightest colors in your heart every day. Happy Holi my dearest!

Here come Holi and it’s time to develop love and understanding for each other. Solve all relationship troubles and be at peace. Happy Holi

May the good always emerge victorious over evil and may you always get all you desire. Happy Holi to you and family!

On the occasion of Holi remember to forgive everyone, forget all worries and hate no one. Have a blessed and colorful Holi!

Happy Holi to you and your family, burn your ego, expectations and everything in the fire of Holi and enjoy Holi. Holi gives the message of brotherhood and relationship building, has a rewarding and blissful festival time.

Forget all your pains and worries, get drenched in colors and fly like ferries. Happy Holi.

Holi brings happiness and freshness in relations, just come out and show you are there to welcome. Happy Holi

Every color thrown on you during Holi has a meaning, understand them and inculcate it in life. Happy Holi.

Enjoy the Holi festival with yummy sweets, colors, water balloons, and pickers. Happy and prosperous Holi.

This Holi we wish lots of good luck, fortune, and happiness in your life. Have a great day.

Holi brings the messages of brotherhood,
love, and care. Burn your anger and ego in Holi fire and make new friends

Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long.

Celebrating the colors of our beautiful relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Have a colorful Holi!

Make merry with colors on Holi and the rest of the days with the colors of love.

May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. HAPPY HOLI.

Enjoy every color of Holi and you will get every happiness you desire.
hey,god is always with you. enjoy every moment, keep smiling. happy holiday.

Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy.
it is the time to love and forgive.
it is the time to express the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colors. Happy Holi.

Moon is full, colors are full,
on this spoke moonlight cool, may your life be beautiful,
all-holy wishes on Holi get soon full!

Holi celebration 2020

Holi celebration takes place with a lot of joy and verve throughout the country.
The enthusiasm of the people reaches its peak and matches with nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi.

Holi is being celebrated in Indian since time immemorial but the popularity of Holi celebrations seems to be rising with every passing year and so is the level of hoo-ha. As no other festival gives so much liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self.

Differences of any sort are drowned in the colored waters of holi and people just enjoy being a play animal. To further enhance the festive spirit of Holi celebrations we have a social sanction to get a kick with the tradition of bhang.
Then there is total wildness as people dance to the rhythm of dholak and sing traditional folk songs in loudest possible pitch.

Children particularly enjoy the festival as they throw water-filled balloons at passersby...and if anybody stares..they have a ready answer, 'Bura na mano Holi hai..' and evoke a smile on the irritated face.
Besides, they have their water missiles, called pichkaris to drench the person from far and escape further drenching.

In some states, there is also a tradition of breaking the pot full of buttermilk which is hung high on the streets. A group of boys forms a human pyramid and one of them breaks the pot.
 All this while womenfolk throw buckets of color water on them and sing folk songs.

And after a wild and eventful day, evenings are celebrated in a dignified manner by visiting friends and relatives. People exchange sweets and hug each other conveying the warm wishes for holi.
These days there people also participate and organize holi meets and enjoy the festival till late in the night.

Holi celebrations that start with the burning of Holika on the eve of Holi thus culminates with a lot of funfilled activity and bonhomie. However, at some places, especially Mathura and banana Holi celebrations continue for a week as each major temple organizes a Holi bash on a different day. Lovers of the festival enjoy every moment to the hilt.